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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Pimping a Kickstarter Campaign

Well, this just came into my email box:

"We are releasing this crowdfounding campaing in Kickstarter.


Dark Skies is an aerial combat wargame, the miniatures are 1:72 (24mm)aircraft with ww1/ww2 aesthetics with a touch of fantasy, from lightfighters to huge flying carriers. There are 6 factions: The Kingdom ofEngland, the Germanic Empire, The Kingdom of Iberia, the Russian Empire, theGallic Duchy and the Foreign Legion (Mercenaries). Andy Chambers will do afinal edit of the rules and Plastcraf will do the scenery.

It is almost impossible to find the project in KS' website, please we needall the help possible to make the project less unknown.


Whilst this isn't something that particularly appeals to my interests, I'm sure that some of my 426 followers may be interested, so I decided to post it for you.


  1. Interesting idea and planes, but 1/72nd? It's lost me at that. Too big.

  2. You should tell them to let the blog Tabletop Fix know about the kickstarter, that would help traffic a lot I would imagine

  3. This has been pointed out to me by two members. I am interested, but I have far too many ideas of my own that I want to work though. Thanks for the heads up though.

  4. The kick starter idea has really caught on. Several notable figure manufacturers like Jim Purky have used it to fund extensions of their projects. I prefer the Eureka method of getting a commitment to buy a certain number of figures, doing the project, and then conducting business. However, when funds are not readily available this is a good way for small producers to get start up funds.
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