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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Another Win!; Finished Koreans; Sunday Update

What a scorching week we've had here in the UK topped with an incredibly scorching weekend. The heat has left me feeling too worn out to paint during the week and yesterday I caught the sun a bit on the back of my neck which left me feeling slightly unwell later on so it wasn't until today that I managed to get any painting done.

Another Win

Kev over at Kev's Wargames Cabin had a prize draw to celebrate reaching 30K page views. I'm obviously experiencing some good karma at the moment as I won. The prize was the Ludus Gladiatorus game from EM4 Miniatures which includes five pre-painted 28mm gladiator figures. This could be fun for filler games at the club.

Finished Koreans

I'd made pretty good progress last weekend on the Korean foot, which left me in a good position to finish them today. Of course, the heat didn't make things easy but I found that painting one colour then taking a break allowed me to take them all the way through. And here are some pics:

I've just got another six of these units to paint up plus the artillery and I can say that my Koreans are finished for now.

Sunday Update

While I was doing the Koreans, I also did a few little bits on the figures I'm painting up for Donogh. I think I will make an effort to finish these off in the evenings this week. Pics of them as of now:

I am planning on playing Saga at the club on Thursday. There should be four of us, so Ian has suggested we try out the "Wooden Oaths" scenario. There is also a suggestion that on 14 October we should do a multi-player Battle of Hastings fight using Saga which sounds like it could be fun.

With Modelzone in administration, they are apparently selling off their stock at heavy discounts. I'm going to take advantage and pop down to the store on New Oxford Street (which they only opened at the beginning of June) to pick up some Vallejo paints, matt varnish spray and maybe a kit or two.


  1. Congratulations on another win Tamsin and good job on those Koreans - splendid work indeed.

  2. Well done on your win - the Gladiators game looks interesting.

  3. Congratulations there Tamsin and lovely work on the Koreans. Good luck with the Saga game

  4. You do seem to be coming at the top of a few prize giving's recently?? The Koreans look pretty cool as well.

  5. Really like those Koreans Tamsin, nice work.


  6. Congratz.

    Koreans look good and I like the sound of the Battle of Hastings as well.

  7. Lovely work on the Koreans Tamsin.

  8. Congrats on the win Tamsin, those Koreans look very fine indeed.

  9. Congrats, and great looking Koreans!

  10. Congrats on the win Tamsin! The Koreans are looking fantasic!

  11. Nice job on the Koreans, I like the look of the Hasslefree figs you've started. Well done on the win good fortune indeed!
    I haven't done nothing for nearly a week myself wrote up a few warband lists for EotD is about the sum of all hobby activity.

  12. Nice job. A question. Who are the opponents of the Koreans?

  13. Thanks all!

    @ Simon - EotD?

    @ Allesandro - for the Koreans of this era, main opponents would be the Mongols, Japanese and Woukou pirates

  14. congrats Tamsin....excellent Koreans.

  15. Is that Scoob's cousin Scooby-Dum? Genius