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Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Tuesday Update 09 July

Since posting the pics of Adonis with his mates, I realised that the colour schemes looked quite different. Yesterday I went back and did a little bit of work with the airbrush to tone down the green on Ace and demon and to brighten the green on Asp. Once I was happy with the look I "dusted" them with a light brown. They now look much closer to Adonis, but still with subtle differences.

With that done, I decided it was high time to start work on the SYW Russians. I did a little bit yesterday and continued today.

They just need touching up, highlighting and some detailing. I'll be leaving the standards unpainted until all of the units are finished, then do them in one session.

I've also been having a rethink on the Paras' painting scheme. I made a bit of a mistake with the WW2 Aussies, doing more highlighting steps than was absolutely necessary. So I am tempted to go with a much simpler base coat, wash and some highlights. I might also do some zenithal highlights over the black primer.


  1. you tinkerer you. nice job

  2. The tanks look great Tamsin, surely we can live with 'subtle differences'? Zenithal highlights? Now you are just showing off.ūüėā

  3. Nice work on the tanks Tamsin, as long as your happy that's the main thing. Nice progress on the Russians, and look forward to seeing your new approach to the para's

  4. Excellent job as usual. You can live with subtle differences which reflect where the paint was applied and from which paint batches.

  5. Fabulous work as ever! Your tanks may have MG'd the treetops, but those 2pdrs have no H.E. to take out the Japanese AT teams in the bushes!!!

  6. @ Martin C - cheers! Nowt wrong with tinkering, lad! :)

    @ Michael A - thanks! using zenithal highlighting at the priming stage is nothing new to me - I've used it on a few projects before, like the Stronty Dog minis :)

    @ Dave Stone - cheers! The difference in look was just a bit too much, so the tinkering had to be done :)

    @ Jerry - thanks! :)

    @ Herkybird - cheers! If you look closely, Ace is a CS variant with a 3" howitzer. I need to check, but I think that the Aussies may have had the 2 pounder HE shells by the time of the 44/45 campaigns when the Matildas saw action :)

  7. Been enjoying your output this summer Ms P. Keep on painting and tinker away to your heart's content.

  8. Definitely come under the heading of 'looking good'

  9. Nice work, as usual. How you maintain both quality and speed is a mystery to me. I can do fair quality work, but speed is beyond me, even at the cost of quality.

  10. Everyone wants to look like an Adonis...