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Sunday, 19 August 2018

Not Gone To Other Partizan

I had been considering going to Other Partizan today. However, I didn't sleep well last night which in combination with the trains (likely to be crowded as Euston station is shut this weekend) and there not being many traders there that I was interested in tipped the balance in favour of me staying home.

Although I'm missing this show, I will (barring unforeseen circumstances) be wending my way down to Newbury in September for Colours.

Last weekend I decided to pull my finger out and order some extras for my Australians. I got the "red card of frustration" on Thursday and collected them from the Royal Mail delivery office yesterday:

Yes, armour support and some more Papuan Infantry Battalion troops. The M3 Stuart is a (re-badged Italerei) plastic kit; the Matlida II is a resin and metal kit with options to have it with 2lber gun, 3" howitzer (close support) or flamethrower ("Frog"). It doesn't look as though magnetising the barrels will be possible, so I'll need to decide which version to go with. Or maybe see if I can get spare resin turrets from Warlord to fit the other weapons to.

I'll be prepping the figures and Matilda over the next couple of days (I'm on leave until Thursday) and might start assembling the Stuart (I need to decide whether it will be an M3 or M3A1).


  1. Good to see you back posting! - I would go with the M3A1 as it was in service from 1942 to the end of the war, and only external difference is it dispensed with the sponson mounted MGs, which British and Commonwealth forces had already done on the basic M3, so it can be used as either version!
    The Matilda was most common in the 2pdr version, though against the Japanese, who used very little armour, a Frog or CS might be better!!!

    1. Found a link you might not have seen: http://www.tanks-encyclopedia.com/ww2/Australia/aus_matilda

  2. Enjoy the loot! Sleep well tonight.

  3. Looking forward to seeing your progress with these kits.

    Can relate to the poor sleep, hope it improves for you tonight.

    Cheers, Ross

  4. Missed you today. Had the pleasure of meeting Ray and Postie. Good day and my Egyptian army saw off the Mahdists

  5. I sympathize with the lack of sleep that's the story of my summer. Only just now getting back in to painting.
    Always like the stuarts. Fine shape for a tank.

  6. nice loots . Sorry to have missed you today

  7. I would be interested to watch as you paint the Matilda II, particularly if you chose the Frog variant. I have a similar project on the go (or should that be on hold?) - Australian AFVs: Airfix 20mm Matila Hedgehog (tick), normal Matilda II (tick) but was considering how big a conversion would it be for the Frog?

  8. Nice choices! Do you have anyone yet with Japanese to go against? That Matilda is a wonderful vehicle to have. Did you already do an Aussie infantryman with flamethrower? If so, you might want to use the CS version for additional fire support. Have fun painting them!

  9. ShinY tanks, just what every hard pressed infantryman wants to see.

  10. Ray and Postie and to Partisan but I missed out because of a family wedding :( so I have been thinking of attending Colours instead.

  11. Ack! The dreaded Red Card of Frustration!

    I should include that in a special events deck!

    "The Red Card of Frustration

    Opponent has reinforcements delayed by one turn unless played on
    Saturday in which case the impacted unit is delayed an additional
    turn due to Post Holiday."

  12. Shame you missed the show Tamsin, you would have loved it!

  13. @ Herkybird - cheers! I went with the M3 as they were only used by one regiment at the end of 1942 and I think they were supplied before the M3A1 came about.
    For the Matilda armament, I'll probably go with the 2pdr for this one but the other two types could be useful in some scenarios.

    @ Peter - I will; cheers! :)

    @ Ross - sleep has been much better thanks :)

    @ Martin - it was a shame I ended up not going, but are you sure it was a "pleasure" for you to meet Ray? ;)

    @ Dannoc - they are nice looking tanks :)

    @ DaveD - sorry to have missed the show. It would have been good to see the small portion of your Sudan project that would fit on the table :)

    @ Geordie - as far as I can tell, it is just the barrel that's different for the Frog. As far as painting goes, it will mostly be done with my airbrush. :)

    @ Jerry - a couple of chaps at the club have Japanese opponents for my Aussies and I will probably be getting a bunch for my own OpFor.
    I do have an infantry flamethrower in my Aussie force :)

    @ Michael A - indeed, especially for taking out enemy bunkers :)

    @ Lee - I might catch you at Newbury then :)

    @ Swelter - they are frustrating to receive, aren't they? Sounds like a good addition to the random events deck :)

    @ Ray - I'm sure I would have loved it :)

  14. Airfix have a new 1:72 paint scheme for their Tiger Moth for Papua New Guinea which may be of interest to you - if anyone does a Tiggy in 28mm or your scale? Air Supply.
    Paint Scheme 2: De Havilland DH.82a Tiger Moth No,12 Local Air Supply Unit (LASU), Kiarivu Airfield, Papua New Guinea, August 1945

  15. Tamsin, I've been away from blogging a lot lately, and realize I miss seeing your posts. Hope all is well with you. We are fine, just otherwise occupied a great deal it seems these days. Look forward to seeing what you do with your new toys.