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Tuesday, 7 August 2018

All Quiet on the Tamsin Front

Yes, I have been rather quiet on the blogging front since I finished (the beginnings of) my Aussie force. That's largely because of the recent hot weather we've had in the UK - I'm a fair-skinned redhead, so hot and sunny weather is not my favourite. Especially as my flat is on the top floor and receives all the rising heat from the flats below during the evening, meaning that it starts cooling down much later in the evening.

Whilst I've been quiet, I was aware that my page-view counter was ticking closer to the 1 million mark, but I wasn't expecting to get there for a few more days. I was, therefore, surprised to spot this morning that I have gone past that milestone. A quick check on my stats suggests that this was down to the efforts of the ever-helpful Russian bots.

I guess that I should do something to celebrate. Maybe get back to painting, gaming and blogging?


  1. The heat is no joke, I live in Las Vegas and summer is are winter. You just stay inside and try to stay cool.
    And thank you helpful Russian bots! LOL
    Keep cool and best wishes.

  2. Heat is unbearable in the conservatory where I wargame/paint. I have a 6mm Persian vs Assyrians game going for the last 5 days. Visits are short and either early in the morning or later in the day, work permitting. I like your painting style.

  3. This is milestone to celebrate! Congratulations.
    Keep cool.

  4. The heat wave with which we have been hit has been very bad. While the East Coast of the US has its share of hot, summer days, this year seems just a bit worse. When it rains, it really doesn't cool things off and I woke up at 0600 to experience 100% humidity and 77 degrees Fahrenheit. At least I can stay indoors in the A/C. The heat and humidity plays havoc with doing things like priming outside and I refuse to prime indoors unless it is brush priming.
    Anyway, try to stay cool and don't overdo anything in the heat.

  5. Congratulations! Maybe celebrate with a vodka toast to the Russian bots!

  6. Congratulations on your milestone, hopefully this heat will let up soon for all the painters out there

  7. Bravo for the million and come back soon with painting !😀

  8. We were starting to worry about you! Fabulous news on the milestone, greatly deserved.

  9. One million! I will be dead before my blog gets that many views!
    Ah well, something to look forward to I suppose!

    Good to have you back!

  10. Congrats!

    The heat in London a few weeks ago was staggering. I started calling the city "Tuscon on the Thames"

  11. Too hot..tell me about it. Painting is out of the question..not a stroke in the last two weeks. mind you, basing dries out pretty quick so that´s all I´ve been doing recently.
    Congrats on the 1 mil..well deserved.

  12. A million is slightly more than absolutely loads. Top work, always fun

  13. Well done on reaching the million views!

    Cheers, Ross

  14. Nice milestone Tamsin, well earned!

  15. Nice one Tamsin, welcome to the 1 Mil club!

  16. @ Commissarmoody - thanks! Luckily the hot spell broke last week and it is now pleasantly warm. the only trouble is that my subconscious is screaming at me to say "hey, you can sleep properly now - do so!" ;)

    @ Peter Holland - thank you! I'm envious that you have a gaming space, even if you can't make much use of it right now :)

    @ Jonathan - indeed it is; I will! :)

    @ Jerry - thanks! It had been like that with the rain here - not enough to cool things down, until last week. I switched to airbrush priming for the most part because the weather here is so unreliable for spray can work.

    @ Alastair - thank you! :)

    @ Dave stone - cheers! Thankfully it has let up now :)

    @ Eric the Shed - thanks! :)

    @ L'Empereur - merci! I will! :)

    @ Michael A - thank you! :)

    @ Herkybird - cheers! I'm not sure how my blog got so popular [particularly with bots] for me to have hit the million :)

    @ Miles - thanks! To be fair, it wasn't quite Arizona heat :)

    @ Paul's Bods - cheers! I didn't even have anything for basing or I might have done that :)

    @ Martin C - thanks! It's certainly a big number - I had to use the fingers and toes of a large town to count them all ;)

    @ Ross - cheers! :)

    @ Lee - thanks! :)

    @ Swelter - cheers! :)

    @ Ray - thanks! It seems they'll let anyone in! ;)

  17. Congratulations on the million-milestone. Try to stay cool the best you can!

    1. Thanks Curt! It's actually much cooler now :)