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Saturday, 15 September 2018

Colours 2018 - The Loot

It was just as well that I got up and left home early to get to Colours today, thanks to engineering works and unhelpful announcements on the Underground which delayed me getting to Paddington. Although given the long wait I had at Reading for the train to Newbury Racecourse, I could probably have left about half an hour later.

I finally got to the show at about 10.45 and immediately met Simon as he was coming down the stairs. After a quick chat with him I headed up to the games on the top floor to take photos. It was only after I'd got about halfway around them that I realised that their locations bore no resemblance whatsoever to the floorplan. Grrrrrr! Not very helpful as I hadn't been taking pics of the signage and there were several games that had no signage to say who and what they were. As a result it will probably take me a little while to sort through my pics (I did go round twice, taking pics of what signs there were on the second circuit).

Once pics were taken, I headed downstairs to the two trading floors for a browse (no purchases at that point) then after a quick smoke and trip to the loo, headed back up to the top floor for another look at the games, then down to the middle floor for a spot of lunch (overpriced for the amount you got, but quite tasty). And then the shopping began....

I actually did a few circuits of the traders as there were a couple that I wanted to chat with. I also chatted to a number of people that I know from tournaments, shows and blogging. That included at least two more chaps called Simon.

So, the loot:


Assorted MDF bases, Lion/Dragon Rampant tokens, a couple of SciFi buildings

Warlord Games:

Before anyone asks, yes I do have the starter box set - the reason you haven't seen it on my blog is that it is still in my office at work.

Bad Squiddo Games:

Possibly for Dragon Rampant? Otherwise just for fun.


I might be trying out some two colour blending at some point, so this will be useful.

Plastic Soldier Company:

"What a Tanker!" (in 15mm) seems to be taking off at the club, so these could be a good starter for me to get into it.

SHQ/Figures in Comfort:

I saw this while I was doing the rounds and thought it would be ideal for storing and transporting my Aussies. Each tray has 33 figure slots, for a total of 132. It was also on "show special price" of £25 and was the last one they had with them, so it would have been rude not to buy it!

Deep Cut Studios:

I'd somehow missed that they were going to be there, so this wasn't on my "planned purchases" list. But they were there and I wanted a suitable mat for Gaslands and Strontium Dog so I picked up a 3'x3' desert mat.

"I detect sings of a couple of new projects in there. Are you sure about that, with all the other unfinished projects you have going on?"

*couch* Well...


  1. So it was you I saw today! :-) I wish I said hello.It was a cracking show I thought. Very busy initially but that soon spread out a bit. I could have spent so much more money!

  2. Great to see you today, Tamsin, and I do hope that your return journey was so very much better than the start to your day. I thought this was one of the better shows in some years tbh, and bought a fair few pieces myself for a change. It didn't seem particularly busy though, so I'm not sure whether it was a success for the stalls or not.

    Great loot, and I look forward to seeing you work on those "Strontium Dog" minis :-)

  3. The desert mat is spot on - these days making your own just does not make sense.

  4. Good haul of loot Tamsin.

    The mat is of particular interest as I am looking at picking something similar up in the near future.

    Cheers, Ross

  5. Have to like the 2000AD SD references
    Looking to see them painted up ;)

  6. Nice little haul Tamsin!...WOW 2 floors of vendors? I dare not ever attend, with the exchange rate against my pitiful Canadian Loonie, I wouldn't be able to afford to fly home!

  7. I spent most of the day there, terrific show. I spent far too much money but it was all money well-spent (so I'm telling myself).

    I need to get a post up on my site.

  8. @ Jason - well, next time you see me at a show, do pop over and say "Hi!". I could probably have spent a lot more yesterday as well :)

    @ Simon - good to see you too my good fellow! The return journey was much smoother and quicker thanks! :)

    @ Martin - cheers! :)

    @ Norm - indeed, given the quality, range and prices now it's hard to justify the effort of making your own :)

    @ Ross - thanks! Deep Cut are well worth a look, as are several others. The one I bought is mousemat material :)

    @ Geordie - hopefully it won't be too long before I get the SD stuff painted up then :)

    @ Terry - cheers! I think there were 24 games and 58 traders there - worth a visit if you are over here at the time :)

    @ Carole - I think I might have seen you, but wasn't sure so didn't say "hi!". Next time I see you at a show, I will do :)

    @ Francis - cheers big fella :)

  9. Looks like a good haul! I'm intrigued by those Strontium Dog minis myself. Look forward to seeing what you do with them.

  10. I think it’s fun that UK shows have so many gaming vendors offering so many different products. I can see people go just for the shopping. 😀
    I hardly ever buy anything at my American conventions; and usually there’s nothing I’d want to buy anyway.

  11. Great stuff Tamsin. I hope we see some of these figures in the upcoming Challenge.

  12. @ J Womack - I haven't unpacked them yet, so not sure what they're like in the flesh. They don't look bad in photos I've seen though :)

    @ Stew - our shows are often as much (if not more) about the shopping as the games :)

    @ Curt - cheers. You quite possibly will see some of these during the Challenge :)
    ps - that means "count me in, Snowlord!"