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Sunday, 27 August 2017

Sunday Workbench 27 August

I've had quite a productive afternoon and early evening today. I started off by doing some satin and gloss varnish detailing on the pulp merchant seamen I painted a few months back. And then I started something new - 51 casualty markers for my SYW Russians. Not that I envisage seeing me need 51 markers, but that's how many were in the pack. I've almost got them finished - just metals, whites, varnishing and flocking to do. I should finish them tomorrow.

Anyway, piccy time:

34 have been painted as infantry, 12 as dragoons/horse grenadiers and 5 as cuirassiers.

After these my plan is to paint up either the dragoons or the combined grenadiers.

On Monday my Koreans had another outing in the club tournament, this time against an almost-historical opponent - early Muromachi era Samurai. I need to sort through the pics and write up the AAR. I did have a game against a third Ottoman invading army the week before but forgot to take pics. That game was another close loss.