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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Finished: 15mm Korean Artillery

And they're done. I took them into work today to spray them with matt varnish during my lunch break, then flocked them this evening.

And pics:

Regimental Gun Markers

Obviously one of them needs a little touching up. Not sure how that happened.

Medium and Heavy Guns

I haven't decided yet what to paint next. I might go for some more 15mm SYW Russians - there's a big game at the club on the August bank holiday Monday and I have figures primed for the final dragoon regiment and two regiments of combined grenadiers.


  1. Nice work. I'd go for the extra SYW

  2. I agree, more 7YW Russians will pay dividends in the August BH game!

  3. Nice work on the Choson Artillery. Looking forward to more of your work - SYW Russians are colorful.

  4. These look terrific, Tamsin. Great job!

  5. Colored and beautiful artillery, well done!

  6. Which matte varnish do you use? I just finished a can of Krylon reduced Odor Matte Varnish and am looking for a decent replacement.

  7. Cheers chaps! :)

    @ Jerry - I used to use Humbrol acrylic matt spray, but this time I used Army Painter spray. These days I often airbrush on artist acrylic varnish for most things but as these were already based I used spray can stuff.

  8. Good looking stuff. I've been absent from your blog for quite some time so didn't notice your absence. Glad to see you painting and gaming.

  9. Are the Koreans for FoGR? I have some Chinese who are always up for a fight

  10. @ sean - cheers! :)

    @ Urban Bunny - Koreans are for FogAM, FoGR and ADLG. I could be up for a FoGR against your Chinese in a few weeks, once I've got a few more games in for the club ADLG comp :)