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Sunday, 4 September 2016

Salutesville Grows

Just a quick warning - I'll probably be quiet again for a little while as I haven't got anything ready for painting at the moment. Well, that's not strictly true - there are pirates either primed or part painted, plus some other stuff that's part-painted or primed. I just don't fancy making a start on them right now.

However, this weekend has been quite productive. I got the airbrush out yesterday to make a start on finishing the Sarissa buildings I'd spray primed a few weeks ago when I went down to my dad's. I used the airbrush to paint in wooden floor colour and then to do the painted wood for doors and window frames. I decided to just do the outsides and not the interiors.

Then I started assembling them in batches. It was only when I went to assemble the larger ones that I realised I'd made a booboo with the upper floors of the smaller buildings and glued the side walls the wrong way up. Luckily it was PVA so I could recover them by brushing water onto the joins, but it had cured so there was some minor damage. I also glued the window panels into the upper floors - the ground floors I left off at this point as I still needed to do some airbrushing.

This morning I got the airbrush out again and sprayed the pavement and side/rear kerbs black, then drybrushed them with various greys, followed by a 50:50 mix (diluted) of sepia and black washes to dirty them down a little (making sure to hit the lower portions of the walls with the wash). I also washed the roof sections.

Once that was done, I glued the window and door panels into the ground floors. All of those stages had to be done in batches of two buildings at a time as I needed four large clips for each floor and only had eight of them.

Anyway, enough blather - pics!

As you can see, I've alternated which side the side doors are on and also made sure to use different colours where there is the same window style.

So, that's six more buildings for Salutesville. I think this week I'll be finishing off the warehouse and corner shop - not much to do with those, just the outside steps and some railings. I might also paint up some of the resin scatter terrain that's been sitting in boxes for a couple of years.

My "commercial district" can easily fill a 4' x 4' table now, but I'd like a few more corner shops to fill it out - I've got two kits, but need a third (for one on each corner. I also need to get some pavement spacers to create alleyways between the buildings. I might need to get those made up myself as Sarissa don't make them.

However, I think the next building I'll make up will be the police station from TT Combat - Salutesville's finest need a home after all!


  1. Very nice indeed. Salutesville is becoming a major town now

    1. Great work Tamsin, love the dirty look at the bottom of the buildings too!
      Not sure what's going on with your blog??? I can only leave a Reply comment??

    2. What I have to do is wait for another to post a comment first, hit the reply button and then the add comment button magically appears.

  2. While they do look good and it id great to see the town grow. I think I would like them dirtier still!

  3. Very nice indeed! I have some of these sarissa buildings, but the availability of buildings from different suppliers is so much better these days. TTCombat is one of my favourites, certainly the best value I've found.

  4. Damn fine buildings - nicely done!

  5. Instant town! I'm impressed and not having painted interiors shouldn't matter that much imo.

  6. You've done a cracking job on these Tamsin, really smart.

  7. No bullet holes.................yet, real nice work Tamsin


  8. These look cracking Tamsin I am very envious of your prolific painting!

  9. @ Martin - cheers! It's definitely becoming a going concern :)

    @ Ray - thanks! I think I got them about dirty enough :)

    @ Clint - cheers! I didn't want to make them too dirty - the good citizens of Salutesville do have some pride ;)

    @ Jamie - thanks! I like the TT Combat buildings as well although some of the range are a bit too modern for my purposes :)

    @ cmnash - cheers! :)

    @ Zabadak - thanks! The insides are painted [woodgrain floors, white walls], I just didn't do the yellow/red/blue of the windows and doors :)

    @ Michael A - cheers m'Lord! :)

    @ Ian - thanks! As you say ....yet! ;)

    @ Simon - cheers! :)

  10. That is a very nice city block Tamsin! Now you need a few fire hydrants, telephone booth and maybe a fruit stand. :)

  11. They look great - looking forward to seeing some action in this town.

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  13. Looking very good... I tend to use PVA for these too.. It's much more forgiving M