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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

The Stuff What I Did

Before I get onto the main bit of the post, the order I placed with GZG a few weeks ago arrived today:

There are two large mecha and two "crab" tanks for my Crusties, along with two packs of reinforcements for the infantry (one of the regular infantry squad support weapons and one of the armoured infantry). The remaining figure is a 25mm prisoner of war that I was planning to use as part of my risk takers entry, which was also to be Part 2 of "Revenge on Ray" - when I knew it wasn't going to arrive in time, I had to change tack. Now that the Challenge is over, I might still produce Part 2,,,possibly in time for people to have seen it before Salute!

OK, so onto the real business of this post - "The Stuff What I Did".

I got everything I'd painted for the Challenge out on my desk last night and took some pics. And here they are:


Half of my 6mm Rebs

The other half

15mm Choson Korean Righteous Army

15mm Crusties

Bonus round entries

Character figures

Salutesville civvies and prison officers

28mm cougars for Mexicagrave

Aztecs, ghouls and wolves for Mexicagrave

Pretty impressive I'd say!

My plan is to do individual posts for each group of submissions over the next couple of weeks.


  1. Amazing output...don't know how you managed it. Love the ACW figs BTW. Very neat.

  2. Well done, Tamsin. A heroic effort. I especially liked the Saluteseville entries.

  3. My word young lady what a splendid array of entries. Quantity and quality. Well done.

  4. Very impressive, indeed

    I especially like the 6mm Rebs

  5. That's what I'd call high productivity!!
    Very good work

  6. That chap spray painting in his backyard looks vaguely familiar. He's a handsome fellow too, even under that mask...

  7. Fantastic collection of work. I do love the variation in the type and sizes that you paint.

  8. A very impressive horde of minis!

  9. That really was quite a challenge and all this whist still performing your minion duties - amazing!

  10. Another productive Challenge, for yourself. Cracking good stuff.

  11. @ Lee - cheers! I guess being single and having no known social life helps with the output ;)

    @ Michael P - thanks! I thought you'd like Salutseville :)

    @ Dannoc - cheers! :)

    @ Miles - thanks! The 6mm Rebs were a grueling paint, but worth the effort :)

    @ Anibal Invictus - cheers! Although my mass production wasn't a match for Miles, Martin, Alex or Kyle ;)

    @ Millsy - *lol* Indeed, "who is that masked man?" ;)

    @ Martin C - thanks! Not as productive as you by quite a margin :)

    @ Gordon - cheers! One does one's best to pleaimpress :)

    @ Michael A - I was lucky that I was able to get a lot of my minion duties done during breaks at work :)

    @ Roy - thanks! Glad you enjoyed my various entries :)

  12. They look good. I forget if I asked you, do you listen to music when you paint?