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Saturday, 25 July 2015

Saturday Workbench

To report:
Absolutely no painting done this week.
Figure prep has continued.
Some more diecast vehicles *may* have been adopted...

OK, "Some more diecast vehicles *definitely* have been adopted".

Over on the left of the picture you can see the pot of figures that have been prepped and a bag of figures waiting to be prepped. Since taking the photo, they have been prepped. That's all the Koreans done now. I also prepped the teddy bear adventurers from Northumbrian Tin Soldier. I'll probably do some more figure prep this week.

In the back right corner you can see the 6mm Union infantry I started a few weeks ago. I really must have a good go at finishing them this week.

Some close-ups of the new adoptions:

These two come as a pack. There are a few more in the range...
No, no - mustn't add any more to the collection...

Another for the Wastelands box.

On Monday I'll be heading to the club to try out Star Wars Imperial Assault; just to see what it's like - I don't plan to get in on the action myself.


  1. So how large is your car lot now Tamsin?

  2. The collection grows and grows.

  3. Not a great fan of Imperoal Assault myself. Everything seems out of scale to the board. Be interested on your take on it though. Star Wars Armada is a much better game.


  4. More cars! Looking forward to hearing what you think of Imperial Assault as I've had my eye on that for a while now.

  5. Sweet! You'll have a Carmarda at this rate

  6. Just how many vehicles do you have now?

    Nice mix of scales as well


  7. @ Robert - far too large, but likely to carry on expanding ;)

    @ Clint - it certainly does :)

    @ Simon J - I'm doing it as much for an excuse to get out gaming as anything else. I don't think I'll be buying into it.

    @ Michael A - of course more cars! I'll probably do a post about it on Tuesday :)

    @ Simon Q - a Carmada? I like the sound of that! :)

    @ Lee - prepping a few handfuls of figures is hardly industrious. Sadly, I don't believe that buying diecast cars counts as industrious either ;)

    @ Ian - probably far too many, but I'm too altruistic for my own good and will doubtless adopt more :)

  8. l read your comment to Ian about adopting more. That's like me and kitchen toys.


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