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Monday, 13 July 2015

I Think I'm Going To Need

...a multi-storey car park to accommodate all my Hotwheels-scale cars, especially with the adoptions I've made this week.

First of all, I found this one sobbing gently in Tesco during the week while I was doing a food shop.

He'd been separated from his siblings and was miserable because he hadn't been able to find them. Little did he know that they'd been adopted by me. I took him home and reunited the three brothers.

Sadly, it seems there was a fourth brother who is still missing. I'll keep looking to see if I can find him, but if any of you happen to locate  him, please let me know. He's a Hotwheels Nissan 370Z.

Yesterday, while searching for the missing brother I came across some more orphans in need of a good home:

Mostly these will be for Wasteland gaming. The Beetle might become a hedgehog like the one on Fury Road.

Tomorrow night, Simon and I will be playing our first game (or games) of Car Wars. We've decided to go with Classic rules for now, but might upgrade once we've got back into the swing of things. I've packed my camera so there will be pics - promise!


  1. Wow a Car Wars report I can't wait. Tamsin's home for wayward hotwheels will need a 2nd floor.

  2. Of course, the VW from Fury Road was an homage to the seminal Australian apocalyptic auto horror film, The Cars That Ate Paris. And the spiky VW from that film ended up living in the front yard of a house just around the corner from my grandmother's place. We'd see it every time we visited back in the late 70s!

    Ah, nostalgia...

  3. There is a Facebook group dedicated to post-apocalyptic car games. You might want to (need to?) join it...

  4. So just how many cars do you own now then Tamsin?

  5. Look forward to the pictures!

  6. Love the enthusiasm. Keep going it's great to watch.

  7. Tamsin your compassion for these lost cars is amazing; I am in awe!

  8. Lol You need to invest in one of those cool toy car transports. You know the ones that are like a huge cargo plane that open out :)

  9. Brilliant, saw this and thought of you! :D


  10. You do seem to have quite a motor pool, maybe a second career as a used car dealer is in order

  11. @ Robert - not one but THREE reports tomorrow! I'm thinking I may be better off buying a place in the countryside for all the cars; lots of free space for them to romp and roam ;)

    @ Evan - now, I didn't know that about the VW. Must have been cool to visit it :)

    @ J Womack - which FB group is that? I'm in the Hotwheels/Car Wars Modz group

    @ Ray - probably far too many :)

    @ Phyllion - crikey indeed! :)

    @ Lee - reports tomorrow - with pics! :)

    @ Clint - cheers! :)

    @ cmnash - my altruism may be my downfall :(

    @ Simon - now, that would be taking things a little bit too far ;)

    @ Sir Michael - but my name's not Rita ;)

    @ Adam - I may just have to to keep up the insurance premiums ;)

  12. you really do need a multi-story car park.


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