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Friday, 24 April 2015

'twas The Night Before...


That's right, tomorrow is the biggest day of the UK wargames calendar and thousands of gamers will be heading to Excel in the Docklands to hand over lots of money to hundreds of traders, look at some very nice games, get sore feet from the concrete floor, get eye-strain from the lighting (unless they've improved it), suffer olfactory assault from some gamers and those who have significant others will be trying to work out how to get their huge stashes of acquisitions home without arousing comments about how much they've spent and why on earth have they bought more figures when they have a whole room full of ones that they haven't painted yet.

Following the tradition of the last couple of years, there will be a meet-up of bloggers at 1pm in the centre of the hall - see the map below (the red dot indicates the meeting place).

We got quite a crowd last year and I hope that we will see even more people this year.

I'm intending to be very restrained and not part with lots of cash this year. I'll still have a very big and heavy bag to take home though as I will be collecting some pre-orders.

The Pre-Orders:
GZG (paid already) - some more 15mm vehicles, some more civilian spaceships and some more 15mm NSL power armour troops
Donnington (paid already) - some Bulgar cavalry
Timecast (paid already) - some Old Glory 15s Koreans
Essex (paying tomorrow) - some more 15mm SYW Russians

My Shopping List
Perry 28mm plastic WotR light cavalry
Some bits and bobs from Figures in Comfort
Maybe some bits from Warbases
Some odds and ends from various traders


  1. Have a great day - I'm looking forward to the post-SALUTE-post.

  2. Must see loot, because I cant believe only preorders will make it into the bag. oh have fun.

  3. Restrained, you pffft. Ain't gonna happen girlfriend. Have a good day tomorrow!

  4. Restrained???.......................please?????

  5. Have a great day, whilst I am not going I have a few bits being brought back for me ;-)


  6. Enjoy the show - I'm very jealous

  7. @ Mike - and so you did! :)

    @ Legatus - 'twas good to meet you at last! :)

    @ Nate - well, the first 2 of 3 post-Salute posts are up now :)

    @ Chris - there were always going to be on-the-date purchases to top up the pre-orders! ;)

    @ Anne - but, but...I spent less than £100 on the day. That was restrained for me :)

    (pssst, guys - don't let her know that my pre-orders totaled about £300)

    @ Herbert - thanks, I did! :)

    @ Ray - you know me too well! :)

    @ Ian - it's a shame you couldn't make it. I look forward to seeing what bits you'll be having brought back for you :)

    @ Miles - perhaps you should have organised a business trip to coincide with Salute. That way you could have avoided all the quiche-making! :)