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Monday, 20 April 2015

Finally Getting Back To Painting

Well, it's been a good few weeks since the Challenge ended so it's bleedin' well time I started painting again!

I'm breaking myself back in gently - a single 28mm "fun" figure rather than a mass of figures. I'll be doing that next week as I've got 24 Bulgar cavalry to paint up and base ahead of Campaign for the Avar army I'll be using.

Yes, I'm taking part in a tournament again, but only doing the Sunday - someone else from the club is taking the Saturday games. The rest of the figures we'll be using are my Sarmatians. I'm picking up the Bulgars on Saturday at Salute.

I guess you want to know what the "fun" figure is. Well, here you go:

This is H4ML37 - the cybernetic Hamlet supertrooper from Hasslefree. So far I've just done base colours and a quick dark grey wash over the armour to get shading into the recesses. The armour will be tending-to-white when I've finished, with some coloured elements.


  1. I love doing those fun little solo figures as palette cleansers. Are you using the wash as basically pre-shading?

  2. Wonderful-looking mini and a great little project Tamsin. I thoroughly enjoy your WIPs, so really looking forward to this. Will it be finished by Salute?

  3. Hand over your scooby snacks or else! Cool mini Tamsin.

  4. Good to hear you're back with the brush again, that's exactly what I need to do!!

  5. Nice figure! Been a while since I painted anything though. cheers

  6. Not surprised that it's taken you a while to start painting again! You did paint a huge amount of figures.. Nice choice of figure to start back with - already looking good...

  7. Tamsin the Brush jokey is back in the saddle!
    Fun looking figure I shall look forward to seeing it finished!

    I will be making the Salute fudge tomorrow, I hope it will set in time!

  8. If you really want that armor to pop then use a very dark, almost black, blue in the panel lines of the armor.

  9. Looks good

    I am in London next week and visiting CLWC for a 7YW game

  10. Good to hear that you're back at it.

  11. @ Herbert - the wash at this stage is just to help bring out detail to assist with painting.

    @ Blax - it's certainly a cool mini. I probably won't be doing a series of WIP pics - I might just do a post with the finished figure, hopefully on Friday if I get my act together.

    @ Nate - hand over the shcooby shnacks? Never! ;)

    @ Ray - I definitely need to get back into the swing of things. I've got a huge lead/plastic/resin mountain to paint...and will be adding even more to it on Saturday! :)

    @ Brendon - it is rather nice. You haven't painted for a while either? Challenge burnout?

    @ Chris - I did paint rather a lot didn't I? :)
    Cheers! :)

    @ Clint - well, sort of back right now. I was out of it last night so didn't do any more work on the figure.
    Oooh - fudge! Fingers crossed that it sets :)

    @ Kris - I know what you mean, but that sort of high-contrast isn't my style of painting. I prefer a more subtle look :)

    @ David - yup, I saw that. I'll see you at the club on Monday :)

    @ Whisk - well, I've had enough of a break after the Challenge :)