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Saturday, 5 October 2013

"Derby" AAR 1 - a Sea Peoples Civil War

Sorry it's taken so long to start posting these AARs - the past 3 nights I got home from work completely knackered.

In my previous post I detailed my opponents and the outcomes.

My first opponent was Guillaume with another Sea Peoples army - woohoo! Civil war time!

Guillaume had gone for a different composition, which is the second alternative army I outlined in my conclusions. Just to remind you:

4 x Troop Commander
2 x 4 Heavy Chariots
2 x 8 Armoured Retinue
4 x 8 Swordsmen
4 x 6 light foot javelins

I ended up with the initiative (I don't remember if I won, or whether Guillaume passed it to me). As the only terrain type available to Sea Peoples is agricultural, we went for that!

Guillaume's deployment - a nice long line

My deployment - also a nice long line

A couple of moves in - his skirmishers are winning against mine on the left

My skirmishers are also losing (but not as badly) on my right, but they are tying up one of his swordsmen units.

In the centre, my average protected swordsmen are facing his superior armoured swordsmen - whoops! That can't end well for me....

His heavy chariots are threatening my medium foot in the open - that can't got too well for me. There only hope was for their friends on the right flank to charge the chariots in the flank, but Guillaume got a unit in close that they had to take on.

My centre is not looking happy....

It's looking even less happy now....

As the broken unit routs, it burst through the supporting unit, dropping it to fragmented. Somehow they passed the test for being charged while fragged.

The death pile

Accumulated broken markers for units that have either routed off table or disintegrated before getting there.

And the final point that won the game 25-0 for Guillaume

Guillaume was a great opponent and I really didn't mind losing 25-0 to him.


  1. What a harsh game for you. Still it was fun which makes a big difference


  2. Sorry about the slaughter but at least you seem to have enjoyed this game which makes the loss acceptable

  3. Oh dear.

    But worse, I see DAve played against Olivier. Oh my goodness. Fortunately, we French people are quite pleasant to play with ;)



  4. Sorry about the result but still its the enjoyment that count, yeah the victory is always better but not this time

  5. Following your reports and the fact that I have a club player who wants to try FOG I can see I might have to get involved.

    I shall read these reports with relish. Maybe plan what armies I want and possibly make the leap at SELWG> (see how money is on the day).

    Thank you Tamsin.

  6. OUCH, sorry about the result, but like you said it's not so bad against a good opponent

  7. Not a good day for victory but a nice report...the last picture with the chariots is impressive!

  8. Ouch! Nice game report though. They all look excellent with tow armies arrayed for battle.

  9. That was a bruising encounter, but great to see those lovely miniatures of yours on the table.

  10. It is no dishonour to fall before a superior opponent! I too dont mind being beaten if I enjoy the game!
    Vive les Francaises!

  11. @ all - it was an enjoyable game, despite the loss

    @ Seb - yup, poor Dave. Also, poor Gordon. At least them getting thrashed as well made me feel not so bad about my 25-0 loss ;)

    @ Clint - I'd recommend going with "in period" armies, as FoG works best for those, and use the starter lists to determine what figures you need - they are quite well balanced and relatively small. Unless you are both interested in chariot era, I'm afraid my "Derby" AARs won't be too helpful

    @ Michael - I wish I could say they were mine, but this army was borrowed from Gordon :)

    1. I would fight in period armies (DBA can cope with any two armies fighting but it still looks better to use armies that actually did face each other.). And while I am not expecting a tutorial from your AARs a lot can be gleaned from them still. Like Army composition and what the game actually looks like on the table.

  12. Hi Tamsin,

    thanks for the reports, I'm happy to know that Guillaume was kind with you ( I don't speak about the result), Guillaume is a born joker and he really like to mock all the people he meets, it's nice to see that he was not punky like I know him ;-)
    Best regards


  13. When you look over and see a dead pile that big, you know you've got your hands full. It does look like a great mashup, though!

  14. Thanks for posting the AAR. Looks like a great game. But wow same Army and such and end. Well blame it on the dice...;->

  15. Ouch Tamsin. What a drubbing. Really interests in FOG but not played it to date. What was Guilluame army composition and how come it overcame yours so convincingly?

  16. Nice ARR. Sorry about the result :-(

    I'm looking forward to the next AAR. I've been following and enjoying your blog for some time now and it's been very useful to see other FoG games played. It has helped my understanding of how the rules work - thanks. BTW I think you can pick from his terrain list as well :-)

  17. @ thefrenchjester - I think that maybe he decided not to be punky with me because I'm a girl, or maybe he figured I could out-punk him - the big tattoos on my forearms may have scared him!

    @ Monty - yup, a dead-pile like that is a strong indication that things have gone horribly wrong!

    @ Markus - that's right. It was the dice, all the dice. My brilliant generalship was completely let down by the dice! ;)

    @ Carl - I've given his army composition at the start of the AAR. How did he win? Errmmm, better player, his better troops were facing my less good troops, I made the mistake of coming out of terrain with my medium foot leaving it vulnerable to his heavy chariots....

    @ Matthew glad to have been of help with my AARs. I did pick from his terrain list. Unfortunately he had the same army and like me had just agricultural as an option! ;)

    1. Oops read that army composition as yours not his. Must pay attention ;-)

  18. Bloody dice gods Tamsin, nice one all the same!

  19. Great! Thanks for the reports, I'm happy to know that Guillaume was kind with you ( I don't speak about the result), Guillaume is a born joker and he really like to mock all the people he meets, it's nice to see that he was not punky like I know him ;-)
    Best regards.
    Fog Games