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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Sunday Update


All the figures are now prepped and primed. So, that's 168 foot plus 12 artillery crew and 4 guns. These will be painted over the next few weeks once I've finished painting Donogh's miniatures.

Donogh's Prize Painting

Having stripped the paint from my original stalled effort, these have now been primed and painting has started. As you can see, I've made pretty good progress so far this weekend:

I've still got a lot of highlighting and detailing to do, but they should be finished by next weekend.

Gaming This Week

I'll be at the club twice this week. Tomorrow I'll be taking part in a refight of the first day of Gettysburg using Fire & Fury. We'll be starting after lunch (well, some of us will - the rest of the players will be joining in later on) so I've booked the day off work.

On Thursday a few of us will be playing Saga. This time I will try to get some photos of my Normans in action.


  1. looking like a good start to some cracking models

  2. They're looking bloody good Tamsin!

  3. I will be looking forward to a report on your day re fighting gettysburg

  4. Very nice looking figures!

  5. Good to see the painting moving along, great job Tamsin.

  6. Nice work on the figures Tamsin and good luck at Gettysburg!

  7. Yes, great progress on these. Very nice work on the straps for the big guy and the panda doll looks superb. Dean

  8. Good luck at the club, have a good game. Figures look real good and it looks like the painting mojo is back . Big smilie face.

  9. That's a lot of Koreans Tamisin. But you'll get it done quicker than we all think.

    The figs for the prize draw are coming along nicely now and I'm looking forward to seeing how the turn out.

  10. Those figures are looking well on the way to lovely jobs.

    F&F - don't forget to keep a reserve. They're unforgiving if you don't support - pretty much like on the actual day.

  11. Thanks all - glad you like what I've done so far :)

    @ Whisk - yup, the dog is wearing goggles. Maybe Infra-red, night vision, Zed-detection, who knows? :)