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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Sunday Update (Is It Really a Week?)

Well, I do believe it is a week since I last posted. Let's just put it down to not having anything worth posting.

I haven't been completely idle. During the week I've been prepping the remaining Korean foot. I've still got 48 figures to prep, plus the artillery. However, I have got 120 figures prepped and primed - here's a pic to prove it:

I'll be making a start on painting them this week, doing them in batches of 24 figures at a time. While I'm painting these up, I'll probably make a start on prepping the pirates. I might even make a start on prepping the 6mm ACW figures that have been waiting a very, very long time for me to do something with.


  1. Don't worry about not blogging. Treat'em mean to keep'em keen!


  2. Ooh pirates.... Now interested in seeing them

  3. It's still hobby addiction work Tamsin.

  4. Do what you can, when you can. The prep work is a vital part and sometimes that's all anyone can get done in a week or longer.

  5. Looking good - I painted my Koreans (Perrys) by starting with a white undercoat/basecoat and then painting the flesh and black vests and hats. Over this a Minwax stain was applied - it really sped up the process and the result was not too bad. Best, Dean

  6. I did wonder were you were???

  7. Welcome back! As other people have said, do what you can, when you can, when you want to! The Koreans look excellent. Great idea to break them into paint-sized chunks.

  8. ACW, now that sounds cool!

  9. It happens and I know what you mean that there are times when there is nothing to add the blog. I am looking forward to seeing these painted up though

  10. Cheers guys. Hopefully I'll be back in the swing of posting and painting (well, the other way round is probably better) very soon.

    @ Dave - the pirates will be a few weeks away I expect.

    @ Dean - just taken a refresher look at your Koreans. Those Perry sculpts are lovely and I can't believe that the infantry are just block paint & dip jobs.

    @ Rodger - yup, lots of Baccus shininess to appear here later this year :)

  11. I have weeks like that where even though I'm doing stuff, I just don't have anything (or I think so anyway), to say or write about. It's weird. Then recently I did a 27 day blogger challenge and made myself blog each of those days. That was fun, but I'm happy to be back to posting whenever again.

    Cheers and boogie boogie.