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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Jason And The Peasant Carts

Sorry for the short break in posting folks. I've been shattered all week so hadn't done any painting which left me with nothing to post.


You might remember that Andres at Einar Olafson Painting made an offer to paint up the Salute 2013 Jason miniature for 3 lucky people and that I was one of them. It arrived yesterday and is truly gorgeous work.  thanks Andres!

Peasant Carts

Last night, in an attempt to get myself back into the swing of things, I decided to assemble the three 4Ground peasant carts I'd bought at Salute for Saga games. I must say that they were very quick and easy to assemble and they don't look half bad. I suppose I'd better get myself some oxen to draw them....

Painting Plans

I've actually been in a bit of a rut the past few weeks. Donogh's Hasslefree figures have been giving my accusing looks, but I seem to have hit a brick wall with them. It has been so long since I started them that I have forgotten what colours I was using. I think the best thing for me to do would be to strip them down and start again.

I also want to finish off my Koreans. I've still got a whole load of medium foot to do (seven 8-base units), plus the artillery and some command stands. I think these will be the next to go on the painting table and I'll start prepping a batch this afternoon, and prep more batches during the week.

Once the Koreans are done, I should have received all the figures I need for my Pirates and they will be the next army to go into production. My intention with these is to get the whole army prepped and mounted on painting sticks, then paint them up together using a couple of colours per session. The alternative is to stick them on bases before painting and do them in batches.


  1. We all hit the wall at some point, what counts is bouncing back afterwards.

    That Jason figure is a bute too


  2. The Jason figure is really nice, and the peasant carts wonderful, love the details!

  3. Best way to get out of a painting rut...don´t try and schedule a Project just do what takes your fancy. I like them carts...would be good if they could produce all thier stuff in 1/72nd as well....the medieval stuff that is..oh and those tudor buildings..and not forgetting the Renaissance/ECW buildings... I´ll have a few of them as well. Make a decent sized town would that Little lot :-D

  4. Nice Jason you are very lucky to own such a beaut!. Those carts are great reasonably priced and paint up easy.

  5. Wow - that Jason figure is truly superb. It's good to take a break sometimes, don't rush it. Best, Dean

  6. Thats a very nice Jason figure. Nothing wrong with hitting a wall, everyone does and its good to have a break from the brushes now and a gain to recharge the batteries

  7. Lovely work on the figure from Einar, I haven't painted anything in three weeks....it happens!

  8. That's a lovely figure Tamsin, Einar made a quality job of it! As for the painting rut, we all go through them, you'll see something on TV or read something in a mag and that'll get the juices flowing again, I'm sure!!

  9. Lovely job on that Salute giveaway, you lucky person.

  10. Jason is a beautiful figure! I'm sure that he will be in a good place in a show-case !

    Good work on the carts, even if I think that the laser-cut models don't have a "natural look" .

  11. WE all get in a rut with painting sometimes..... just don't beat yourself up about it. Best Wishes Clint.

  12. The Salute giveaway is stunning! I like the look of those carts, might have to get some!

  13. Wow Tamsin that looks great and the cart not bad either

  14. Thanks all! :)

    I'm sure my rut has been down to my irrational fear of re-starting work on Donogh's figures. They're in the stripping pot now, so I'll be working on them again shortly.

    I've also got 2 units of Koreans prepped and primed and wil be prepping/priming the remaining units over the course of this week.