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Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Wednesday Workbench 21 October

 I have slowed things down a little over the past few days, but have still got things done.

First of all, I have prepped a bunch of individual figures from Donnington to add as leaders and "extras" to my "Infamy, Infamy!" forces:

As well as the "leaders" I also have a Scorpion and crew for the Romans and a civilian and two pack horses to make up a "stewards" base for the Germans (stewards act as a rallying point for the cavalry and as a resupply point for javelin armed troops).

I've also started painting some Copplestone "Near Future" figures - these will be another Citi Def group for Mega City One:

At the moment I am just putting down the base/shade colours; I will do the highlighting once that is done.


  1. I do like Donnington. There's not that many 15mm companies around anymore where you can buy individual figures from. A great company to buy from.

  2. You are dedicated! Whenever I try and do more figures for a 'finished' project, my enthusiasm dries right up!!!

  3. Great progress Tamsin, and great to see you do some more for your Judge Dredd

  4. @ Ray - Damian is a great guy and it is a shame that hardly anyone else sells individual 15mm figures. :)

    @ Lee - I am indeed! :)

    @ Herkybird - the "character" figures should be relatively easy to add; it's when I add to the main forces that it might be a bit more difficult to remember what colours I used this time round. :)

    @ Dave Stone - cheers! Just a few Citi Def ([planning ahead for when they release the hinted-at Apocalypse War stuff - my guess is that that will be more of a platoon size skirmish game with characters/specialists; I imagine they intend the same for Rogue Trooper] :)