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Friday, 23 October 2020

Lockdown Podcast #22 and Some Shinies

Well, it looks as though we are back in the swing of things and the Madaxeman Lockdown Podcast #22 has been released:

Find out the answers to Andy's "Impressive Privates" quiz (and see if you got them right).
Discover where to buy really, really good small, sharp scissors for cutting out shield transfers.
Listen to seven nutters rambling on about figure painting and gaming for 90 minutes.
Wonder why on earth you are listening to seven nutters rambling on about figure painting and gaming for 90 minutes


It's been quite a while since I did a "shinies" post, so I thought it was about time. Especially as I have just taken delivery of an order from Warlord Games.

I decided to buy some Polish airborne to add to my collection. I could just have used all helmeted figures from my existing force, but thought it would be nice to have a few in their distinctive berets. I also allowed me to push my order value high enough to get the freebie figure of the para shoulder-carrying a wounded comrade.

I might also be ordering the British Airborne Command Post set from Artizan at some point.


  1. Hi Tamsin, long time! I've been absent from blogging for months. Good to see you're still at it!

  2. Looking forward to seein' em' all painted!

  3. @ Dave Stone - thanks! :)

    @ J Womack - cheers! It has been a while! :)

    @ Herkybird - My guess is that it will be a few months before I get around to these, but it's good to have them in, ready to go. :)

    @ Neil - thanks! :)