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Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Wednesday Workbench 02 September

After finishing the marsh terrain I decided to take the weekend off to recharge a little. On Monday I started work on my 15mm ancient Germans. In the photo below you can see the current batch of figures that I'm working on (started today):

Obviously that isn't my first batch. In fact it's the fourth batch. These are the ones I painted on Monday and Tuesday:

Yup, that's 71 figures painted in two days (plus a few minutes this morning to airbrush them with matte varnish). They are quite quick to paint, particularly as I'm only going for a basic tabletop standard (basecoats and wash). At this rate, I might have the whole army painted and based by the end of next week.

The reason I'm not basing them yet is that I want to mix up the figures on bases and can't do that until they are all painted. I also need to consider how to base them for both "Infamy, Infamy!" and Art de la Guerre.


  1. Great progress, are you doing any shield patterns? I used to have an early German army and that was their prettiest feature?!