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Sunday, 2 November 2014

Sunday Workbench 2/11/2014

I haven't had a very productive week, but have made up for it this weekend, but still no finished figures to show off I'm afraid. The Mongol light foot are still hanging around waiting for me to finish them. I seem to have been hitting a bit of a funk on weekday evenings lately - I'll have to break that by making myself paint something every evening, even if it is only for 15 minutes.

On Thursday evening I got in my first game of Art de la Guerre, using my Swiss against Elliot's Yorkists. I must say I was impressed with the simplicity of the rules and how the game flowed. I was also impressed by how light my bag was compared to FoG armies. I'll do a brief AAR during the week, but here are two teaser pics:

When I got up yesterday, things weren't looking hopeful for finishing the priming of the Seven Years War Russians. Luckily while I was out of the house it brightened (and warmed!) up nicely so when I got back home I quickly got everything set up. As a result, the infantry are all primed now.

Having had my Swiss out on the table without any flags did induce a bit of a guilt trip. A long while back I had bought some of the flag sheets from Donnington Miniatures. After I'd done the spray priming, I decided it was time to bite the bullet and get them cut out and glued. They've been removed from the wire now, ready to be added to figures.

However, I still need to trim the Confederation and special cantonal flags before adding them to command stands. That might be a task for tomorrow evening (after I've done some painting of course!). I also need to make up a load of smaller flags to distribute around the mass of pikemen. The extra flags will include those for cantons other than the eight on the Donnington sheets.

In another painting-avoidance effort, I decided to make a start on my Wars of the Roses army. Well, to be accurate, the camp. Rather conveniently, 4Ground's "High Medieval Cottage" is just about the right size for a 28mm FoG camp. I started assembling the building yesterday evening and it's now all but finished. I've done some more work on this today and everything is now done apart from brushing 50% PVA through the teddy bear fur to get the thatch effect right.

Eventually I'll stick it on a MDF base with some scenic bits to bring it up to the correct camp size. It should be quite useful as I can store bits and bobs inside during games to reduce clutter on the table.

Well, that's it for now. Hopefully this week will see me post the ADLG AAR and some pics of finished stuff.


  1. I like your High Medieval Cottage teddy bear fur idea brilliant!

  2. Well done, it's been a busy weekend for you! As a fellow FoG player, I'm curious to hear about Art de la Guerre.

  3. It seems to me you got some things done. I hope no teddys were harmed in the making of your camp.

  4. Regarding Swiss Cantonal Flags: For an early 16th century Swiss army you may add the five flags of Fribourg, Solothurn, Basel, Schaffhausen and Appenzell. Just take care not to use flags of the cantons which weren't created until the 19th century.
    Glad to hear you like Art de la Guerre.

  5. I also would be interested in an "Art de la Guerre" review. The 4 ground house loos good it reminds me of my hair when I wake up in the morning (only not quite as grey)

  6. It looks to me as if there is plenty of things happening Tamsin, just keep doing what you can.

  7. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on AdG, I've bought the rules but not had a chance to play yet.

  8. That cottage is really good, seems too good to just use as a camp, maybe some skirmish gaming around the ECW period?


  9. Well done on all fronts, painting, modelling priming and getting a game in -phew

  10. Oh my God, you killed a Teddy Bear. But if a Teddy had to die, this was a good way to go.

  11. @ Phil - the cottage comes with the fur, so I can't take credit for that idea

    @ Monty - I think that once I've learnt the rules it may become my preferred game, at least for weeknight club games as I won't have to cart so many figures into work with me.

    @ Robert - of course no teddy bears were harmed. The thatching is made from the hides that they shed every season. What's that? You didn't know that teddy bears shed their hides? Well, they do, honest, you can trust me ;)

    @ Maerk - I'll be doing flags of all the cantons/districts/cities that had troops in the Swiss army at Morat. I know that a few of them weren't in the Confederation at the time (and may not even be now).

    @ Clint - hopefully tonight or tomorrow for my AAR & initial thoughts

    @ Michael - plenty to keep me busy

    @ Ferb - I like them. They play well and the command system makes things interesting.

    @ Ian - it may also get used for skirmish gaming at some point.

    @ Zabadak - thanks! :)

    @ Anne - no, not me. It was someone else that killed the teddy bear. Oh, hang on a second. Nope, nobody killed the teddy bear - the fur is from when it shed its skin.

  12. You're doing SYW Russians? That is one of my favourite armies, very cool.
    The thatched house is looking good.
    And yes, teddy bears do shed their skins instead of moulting, just like Canadian Snow Snakes. :)


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