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Thursday, 6 November 2014

5th Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge

It's that time of year when we wargaming bloggers check to see if Mr Campbell has lost his sanity again and decided to run the sadomasochistic exercise known as the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge for another year.

I'm pleased (I said it was sadomasochistic) to confirm that he has indeed lost his marbles once more and the Challenge will run for it's fifth outing, starting on 5th December and finishing on 20th March.

This year the theme (primarily for purposes of the entry "fee") is "Anti-Heroes, Rogues and Ruffians". As with last year's outing there will also be fortnightly bonus theme rounds.

I've signed up for my third outing, with a target of 1500 points. My main reason for signing up is that I hope it will give me the kick I need to get on with painting. I'll probably skip the bonus theme rounds unless they happily coincide with what I'm painting at the time.

My main focus this year will be to get my Seven Years War Russians and my 6mm ACW armies painted. Once they are done I might make a start on my War of the Roses army. To inject a bit of variety, there may also be some fantasy and SciFi submissions scattered among the main works. And definitely some spaceships. There have to be spaceships.

If you fancy joining in, pop on over and sign up in the comments of this post on Curt's blog.

(and I will get around to writing the ADLG AAR - promise)


  1. Good Luck Tamsin, having something to motivate is always a plus!

  2. Hey Tamsin, glad you're in on Curt's madness again this year. I hope it does indeed give you the inspiration you need to get your mojo back into full gear.
    Looking forward to seeing what the painting muses inspire you with this time.

  3. Best of luck Tamsin especially if it gets you painting again.

  4. "100 (points) a week should be achievable" - strewth, I'd have to give up everything but breathing!

  5. Sadly I shall have to watch from the sidelines this year - but I will do so with great interest. Good luck!

  6. 1 batrep? I have 5 from my last tournament to write down...
    good luck on your challenge.

  7. Great to have you back in Tamsin. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

  8. Very best of luck Tamsin. Great to have you on board as well !

  9. Good luck, I'm sure you'll catch fire again!

  10. Good luck on your goal. Should be as amazing as last year with the creative entries for bonus rounds. I really have no game plan for the bonus rounds so may skip them as well to focus on just getting stuff done.

  11. It will be good to have you back in the painting CHALLENGE again. I shall look forward to trying to keep up with you (and Failing)

  12. So glad to hear you are in again this year Tamsin. I've signed up for the madness as well.

  13. Good luck with acheiving your target

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    2. I'll leave both up for a little while *evil grin*

    3. Tamsin, brilliant stuff! I think we need to see more of your translation skills a lot more often!

  15. @ Terry - cheers :)

    @ Michael P - good to have you on board as well Padre. Now, excuse me while I track down those flighty muses :)

    @ Michael A - it had better get me painting or I'll never make the 1500 points target! ;)

    @ Gary - if I get into the flow, 100 points a week should be achievable.

    @ Paul - you'll be missed. Still, there's always next year :)

    @ Seb - it's taking me so long to get around to writing it, that I'm worried I'll have forgotten what went on in the game!

    @ Millsy - looking forward to what rolls off you high quality mass production line this year :)

    @ Sidney - I can't wait to see what superb entries you'll be submitting this year

    @ Brendon - I might be joining Clint and skipping the bonus rounds this year. I just found them to be a big distraction from painting what I wanted (and needed) to paint last year.

    @ Clint - any more camels this year?

    @ Anne - I am sooooo looking forward to seeing your works of art again. It's good not to be the only girl for another year.

    @ Zabadak - it's tough but achievable (I hope)

    @ Dave - it's good to have so many faces back again for more punishment

    @ Stefan - likewise :)

    1. Don't worry. Just put the pictures showing how your Swiss defeated their opponents;)

  16. Btw. Good luck for your game tonight.

    1. So. How did your Alans fare against Alan?


  17. Good Luck! 1,500 points is quite ambitious.


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