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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Goodies and Some Finished Bits

The missing Essex bits arrived today. Four packs of musketeers, two 2-horse limbers, two packs of dragoon command and one pack of hussars. Here they are on my workbench.

I've started prepping the Seven Years War figures today, so you might see the first units rolling off my table shortly. As much of their uniform is red, I am planning to use red car primer for the infantry and artillery (white or grey primer for cavalry; perhaps red just to keep things simple) but before doing that I need to check how the other colours work with it. I also need to work out which are the best colours for the uniforms - green for infantry and commanders; cornflower blue for dragoons. I also need to work out suitable buff colours for belts and cavalry uniforms. I sprayed a sheet of card with red primer during my lunch break and will be doing test patches later this evening.

The other evening I added a "baize" to one of the 4Ground tables I'd put together. It actually looks quite good.

I also finished the hovel - brushing the teddy bear fur with 50% PVA to make it better resemble thatch and fixing the smoke hole hood in place.

I know what you're all wondering. "But, what are those white-primed figures in the first photo?" Well, they're some Mongol light foot bowmen that have been prepped for quite a while. I need to get back into the swing of painting, and they should be quite a fast unit to paint up.


  1. I'm priming the whole world red at the moment. I haven't found any issues with other colours going over the top yet. Looking forward to seeing your SYW stuff, it's a period I love.

  2. All looking good to me the building especially.

  3. Card table looks really cool!

  4. Hi Tamsin:
    Really good to see you productive and focused on some ambitious projects. I love the card table and the thatched cottage looks very convincing - not an easy trick to pull off.

  5. Another great look building Tamsin.

  6. The table turned out very well! I love the thatch house, very cool looking.

  7. Good to know the missing bits turned up so rapidly - great customer service.
    The baize effect is excellent and very effective as is your finished house.

  8. That treatment on the thatch really makes them look good.

  9. @ Millsy - I found an interesting mix of results. Some colours came out lighter on the red primer, others slightly darker. Only 2 paints got totally ruled out - Army Painter Demonic Yellow and VMC Medium Blue. So, I will be priming the lot red (must buy some more red primer).

    @ Ray - and all I had to do was a bit of gluing. Win! :)

    @ Herbert - 4Ground deserve the compliment :)

    @ Clint - cheers :)

    @ Rodger - amazing how effective a square of coloured paper glued on can be :)

    @ Hobbyworker - thanks :)

    @ Michael P - I'm glad to be recovering from the summer crap at long last and getting some hobby work done. Including a couple of card table top pics on the instruction sheet for the tables was a great idea from 4Ground.

    @ Michael A - cheers! :)

    @ Al - thanks! :)

    @ Ron - simple but very effective. :)

    @ Nobody667 - they have come out well. 4Ground make it so simple.

    @ Zabadak - yup, great service from Essex. As for the card table, 4Ground provided a much more elegant and simple solution than the ideas I'd had for doing that.

    @ Brendan - it's amazing what some 50% PVA brushed roughly through teddy bear fur can achieve :)


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