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Sunday, 12 October 2014

A Somewhat Productive Saturday

I've actually done something on my workbench today. Not painting or figure prep, but usefully productive anyway.

Yup, I've been putting together stuff from 4Ground - an Anglo-Danish hovel, some coffins and some furniture. The roof of the hovel isn't finished yet; I'll do the last steps tomorrow evening.

The furniture you can see consists f a double bed, a single bed, 2 tables (I'll be adding the printed "baize" tomorrow), some stools and a safety deposit box. The pack had said it was boxes 1-15, but it had the 16-30 box fronts in the pack. Drat - I'll have to buy another (and check to make sure it has the correct box numbers!).

Unfortunately my plans to go to SELWG tomorrow are a little bit up in the air. Amazon tried to deliver a book I'd ordered this morning while I was out, but decided to take it back rather than leaving it with a neighbour. They will attempt delivery again tomorrow, but there's no indication of what time that will be. Hopefully it will be early so that I can get down to SELWG.

If I do manage to get down to Crystal Palace, my shopping list will have expanded from that indicated in Thursday's post. A lot of people at the club play King of the Battlefield, a set of Seven Years War rules written by one of the members. The games always look fun, I do have a copy of the rules and had been planning for a while to put an army together for it. So, Essex will be getting some money from me tomorrow if I can get down to SELWG. Initially, I'll be buying enough for a small brigade of infantry, a few cavalry regiments and an artillery battery. Oh, yes, you want to know which nation I'll be doing. Russian. There are too many Prussians and Brits/Hanoverians at the club and I didn't fancy painting lots of white-clad troops (having already painted a Choson Korean army for FoG).


  1. Dear Tamsin,
    Great to hear from you. Hope that you are feeling well and if you are that the feeling of well-being continues. Paint a lot and play more and be of good health!

  2. Hope the book arrives early and we get to see you at the show. If not I am sure you will be productive and get some building done.

  3. Hi Tamsin; I'm always enticed by 4Ground's stuff but how hard to work with is the teddy bear fur? I've never tried anything like that before.

    1. Hi Herbert, the fur is surprisingly easy to work with, you just need an old toothbrush and some watered down PVA - it took me back to the days when I had hair!

  4. That looks like another one that I need for my collection, love the furniture too. Hope you get to go to SELWG - take care.

  5. Hope you get to SELWG, the work you have done sure looks good


  6. Nice looking building. Go to SELWG anyway and wait in the day after!

  7. @ Jerry - I'm feeling much better now thanks and continually improving :)

    @ Clint - as you know, the book did arrive. Not early, but early enough that it was worthwhile me going to SELWG.

    @ Herbert - as Michael says, the fur is easy to work with,

    @ Michael - the hovel or the furniture?

    @ Ian - cheers. I did make it to SELWG :)

    @ Simon - unfortunately I couldn't take tomorrow off to wait in for a delivery. I actually have to get to work early tomorrow :(
    Luckily it arrived before midday so I got to go to SELWG

  8. 4ground stuff is fun to build and looks really good.

  9. What do you think of the 4Ground furniture? I bought a few bits and thought they looked nice but seemed very flimsy and prone to damage. May stick to resin in future

  10. Wow that is a Great house. Very real looking. The furniture is Great looking I would try putting a thin coat of white glue over it and repaint it a bit to cover glue. I find it helps ad just a little ex strength. Sometimes I use super glue for this. I put it over all or just some of the bits I find to be breakable. I have found the New exstrong Tacky glue is great for this. Keep up the Great Blog. Greyson in Va. USA


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