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Saturday, 5 July 2014

Paint Table Saturday #35

It turns out last week was indeed #34, so that makes this


Having gone all the way through spraying with matt varnish then touching up parts with gloss and satin varnish for the cops, G-Men and gangsters, I had a horrible thought a couple of nights ago. Part of my plan is to use these for participation games, so they'll probably get handled quite a lot. Will the spray varnish be enough to keep the paint jobs safe from handling? Discretion being the better part of valour, I decided to play it safe and give them a coat of Klear. Of course, this means that I'll have to go back and repeat the matt spray and brush-on gloss/satin for the 36 figures I've completed so far.

Well, what's on my paint table today? The Jazz Band are almost done now - just metal highlights left to do and the "stage" part of the base. They will get a coat of Klear as well.

Tomorrow I will start work on some collateral damage civilians for gaming. As there are twenty figures in that pack from Blue Moon, I've split them into two groups - male and female. A while back Fran and Ray were asking where their "molls" were, so I'll do the ladies first.

I'm also hoping to finish the corner store and warehouse this weekend (it's a long one for me - I've booked Monday and Tuesday off work!). I might also make up a stage for the band to perform on.


  1. Like the Jazz band very much. I nice touch with the colour of shirts and jacket.

  2. Yup, get the extra protection on them.

    collateral damage... Too right!

  3. The Band of bros are looking good, I'd go for the extra protection too.

  4. The band is cool, they will add a ton of flavor for a game! That is a great idea for many settings, plus you can add/subtract members as needed.

    Very nice!

  5. Coming along nicely - more please!

  6. That is fun. Cheers and Happy Weekend.

    And boogie boogie too!

  7. Looking forward to seeing how you convey the staging - coffees stirrers perhaps?

  8. Have a good long weekend, nice production as always


  9. look forward to seeing the band finished, very funky

  10. The Jazz Band is shaping up nicely, yes they could use a stage. Extra protection is good but I'm not sure they Ray and Fran models will survive the epic Ray & Fran confrontation. They and their molls may be come casualties.

  11. I dig the Jazz band Tamsin, very nice

  12. Cheers guys - glad you like how they are coming along.

    @ MarkG - I thought that colour combo would look good, and who wants a boring black suit/white shirt look?

    @ Dave - with all the lead that will be flying, there's bound to be some ;)

    @ Joe - given Dave's glee at the prospect of collateral damage, they civvies will probably be in greater need of the extra protection!

    @ Nobody667 - my plan is to have a few bits and bobs like this throughout the city when I do participation games. I think the next "special" I do will be the boxing match.
    As for adding figures to the band, hmmm, that would mean buying some more musicians....

    @ Evan - almost there now. Just need to do some brush-on satin varnish and take pics which should be posted later tonight.

    @ Whisk - it's always good to have fun pieces to paint. Boogie boogie :)

    @ Michael - I'm not sure how I'll do the stage yet. I need to work out dimensions first. I'll probably go for a carpeted look.

    @ Ian - well, I will be going into work tomorrow, but that's for the retirement do of one of my union's reps

    @ Smillie - they are definitely cool cats :)

    @ Robert - some people might (scurrilously) suggest that Ray and Fran's molls are already casualties ;)

    @ PK - I'm pleased with them too :)


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