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Saturday, 24 August 2013

AAR: Swiss vs 100YW English

This game was just over 3 weeks ago, so some details are a bit sketchy in my mind. We'd agreed to play 800 points on a 5 foot wide table. With hindsight, I wish we'd gone for 3 foot deep as well, rather than 4 foot.

The circle of cloth represents the extent of a maximum size (16 inch diameter) steep hill, with the hill piece representing the location of the ridge. It was slap bang in the middle of my half of the table. The black bit in the bottom right corner of the picture is a piece of "unpassable terrain". These two pieces really made my deployment awkward. I opted for a holding force on my right flank, with the main force on my left, which would (in theory) sweep round the flank and rear of the English. My skirmishers were to advance up the hill and delay the enemy.

Pikes to the right of me....

Pikes to the left....

Skirmishers in the middle (with you).

Alan's longbowmen charged my light foot. One of them got caught and lost the impact, dropping to fragmented.

"Okay lads, wheel to the right and we'll soon be able to flank the much faster moving longbowmen (who aren't affected by the terrain)"

I've just realised that this is the one pic where you can see the light horse on my left flank. At the end of the game I was in position to charge Alan's light foot and light horse with my light horse, which would have seen them evade off the table (unfortunately we ran out of time before I could put that plan into effect).

How on earth can 4 bases of fragmented light foot win the melee against a 6-base BG of medium foot longbowmen with swords?

Whoops! I forgot I was meant to be refusing my right flank pikes and kept advancing towards the English.

After four (or was it five) rounds of combat, those crossbowmen are still holding up the medium foot!

"Oooh, and just HOW MANY rounds did it take you English to kill one base?"

Having completely messed up the plan, there was nothing for it but to charge in with the 12-base pike unit. Hopefully they'll hold up Alan's foot long enough for my main pike force to come around the flank.

After 6 (or 7?) rounds of combat, the crossbowmen finally broke.

"Right lads, with our rate of movement I make it about another 4 turns until we can charge the English flank. Our boys can hold on that long!"

"Errmmm, maybe they can't...."

As it was approaching 10.50, we called it a night. I'd lost badly with 4 BGs broken and having not caused any damage to the English.


  1. Great report Tamsin. I find that my great plans don't always last that long until I forget to follow it. Very nice looking troops!

  2. Nice batrep Tamisin and great pics.

    With your first pic, Nitty Gritty Dirtbands song "Stuck in the Middle with You" popped right into my head. You intended the reference yes?

  3. I too hate it when my main battle winning action fails to contact.
    I think that big hill made it hard for you to win..so don't feel too upset by the defeat!

  4. @ Rodger - I do sometimes manage to stick to the plan :)

    @ Anne - it was intentional, but it was originally by Steelers Wheel although Nitty Gritty Dirtband did cover it :)

    @ Herkybird - that hill was a pain. What I should have done was stack my pikes over on that wing with rear support, but I think there may not have been room for deployment there.

  5. Nice read. I always forget the plan to! Charge!

  6. Interesting AAR and like the references!

    I think the trouble with many games is that, when the terrain has been placed etc. you can find yourself faced with a situation where no sane commander would offer battle. I think that's why I've always preferred to game as part of a campaign or to develop a scenario. I still have nightmares about games with the dreaded 'WRG 3rd Edition'!

  7. Very nice report with beautiful armies, love the pikes...and glad to see a great resistance of the crossbowmen, mine were not so courageous in the last battle!
    Very nice work!

  8. 2 blog posts in quick succession.
    Nice to see your Swiss in action. Given the terrain of the Alps and Switzerland in general Big hills should be encouraged. (I know wargames rules muck this idea up but what the heck!)

  9. Many thanks for this report. You remind me that I have to paint my swiss army ... but beforeI have to finish my ayyubides...

  10. Best laid plans and all that! Great report Tamsin.

  11. Good batrep but now you have that one out of the way........


  12. @ Gary - if it had been FoG:R rather than FoG:AM, that steep hill wouldn't have been a problem. Personally, I think FoG:R handles the reality of Swiss pikemen's mode of combat much better.

    @ Phil - glad you like the pics. I think this is the first time I've posted pics of them "in use"

    @ Clint - yup, I'm well and truly back in the saddle with blogging. The steep hill wouldn't have really been a problem if not for its size and location.

    @ el frances - look forward to seeing your Ayyubids and Swiss :)

    @ Michael and Simon - glad you enjoyed the AAR

    @ Ian - the other two are written and scheduled for the coming week :)

  13. Good looking game and AAR even if it was better for the other guy!

  14. Good batrep Tamsin. We really need to play a game someday.

  15. Looks like a very enjoyable game. Sounds like it too. Thanks for the post.