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Saturday, 4 January 2020

AHPC X Day 15 - Third Submission

My third submission has been posted: link

I am (for now) in 18th place, and thanks to the bonus points from my first submission I am on track for my 1300 point target.

I'm hoping to have my fourth submission finished tomorrow:

They are mostly done; I've just got some shading/highlighting (mainly the metals), detailing and flocking to do. When these are out of the way, I think I'll switch to the extras for my WW2 British Airborne - probably about a week's work to paint up, but a good amount of points.


  1. Great work Tamsin, especially like the work on the Orcs

  2. I like the ? Corps of observation? Grenadiers!

  3. Excellent work. I quite like the cloaked generals. Source?

  4. Lots of variety this year Tamsin, very nice.

  5. Love the paint job on the cloaks.. contrast paint or just inks??

  6. @ Dave Stone - thanks! :)

    @ Herkybird - converged grenadiers :)

    @ Dartfrog - cheers! They're from Essex Miniatures :)

    @ Michael A - thanks! :)

    @ Steve - cheers! Which cloaks? For the Russian generals it was just two layers of highlights; for the orcs it was several layers of highlights and a couple of glazes/washes to knock them back down a little :)

    @ Neil S - thanks! :)