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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Midweek Update (no pics today folks!)

Just posting a quick update for you all.

Milton Keynes Campaign 2013 

The Runners and Riders for the 15mm FoG:AM tournament have just been posted. On the website, it appears that myself and a team-mate have switched places and he is taking my Koreans and I'm taking his Byzantines. They've got it right on the Slitherine forum though, so it is probably a transcription error.

Funnily enough, somehow all 3 teams from Central London have ended up in the same pool for Saturday's games. I call shenanigans!

From the armies listed, it looks as though there will be lots of "civil war" games taking place.

Article for Miniature Wargames

This got sent to Henry today and he seems delighted with it. I'm now dreading the next issue being delivered.


The commanders are almost done now - just need to dry-brush the basing gunk, spray them with matt varnish and flock the bases. I may add a couple of tufts as well.for these bases.

For the infantry there are just a few more painting steps to do. I should finish painting them tomorrow evening. I'm hoping that I'll have time to add the gravel and finish the basing as well.


  1. When you started blogging again I bet you didn't see having your work published did you? You do good work Tamisin.

    Have a grand time this weekend!

  2. Looking forward to the article!

  3. Agreed, looking forward to reading your article. Congratulations btw!

  4. I totally agree with the above. Well done Tamsin and enjoy the weekend!

  5. looking forward to you article, and good luck this weekend

  6. @ Anne - do you mean "started painting and gaming again"? I was a contributor to a very silly blog ("The Liar") many, many years ago.
    To answer your question, no I didn't expect to see myself published in a wargames magazine. I didn't expect to get more than a couple of followers either!

    @ Fran & Lee - If you bring your copies to Broadside, I'll autograph them for you! ;p

    @ Rodger - cheers! I'm sure I'll enjoy the weekend. As you must know from reading my AARs, I love defeat :)

    @ Scotty - cheers! Good luck? Nah, can't be doing with any of that malarkey! ;)

  7. Good luck with the tournament. And enjoy your stay there.
    Looking really forward to read the article.